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Almond Butter Yogurt & Fruit Parfait

Posted by Amit H. on

Celebrate July 4th with Almond Butter, Yogurt, and Fruit Parfait. 

Serves                1

Hands-on time   10min

Total Time         10 min


Karmalize.Me Organic Almond Butter





A protein rich parfait (5g proetin per serving) recipe that combines 

1. Whisk 2 TSP of Karmalize.Me Organic Almond Butter,  2 TSP of Karmalize.Me Organic Almonds (sliced) with 3/4 cup of yogurt (for probiotic) and 2TSP granola

2. Layer it with honey, grapes blueberries and raspberries. 

Replace honey and yogurt with Karmalize.Me Organic Coconut Palm Sugar and soy yogurt for a vegan treat! Go red, blue and white!